Full riot gear Police block Nevers Mumba in Vubwi

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

Police in full riot gear today blocked MMD leader Nevers Mumba from addressing party officials in Vubwi Eastern Province.

Vubwi police officer in Charge Superintendent Manda told Dr Mumba who was supposed to have an indoor meeting with district, constituency and ward officials that he was under instructions not to allow any meetings in the district due to the pending parliamentary by-election.

The police directed Dr. Mumba to immediately leave the Eastern Province as they are under strict orders not to allow him conduct any mobilization meetings in the province.

The police officers in three Land Cruisers later escorted Dr. Mumba to Chigwe area where Dr. Mumba had a brief chat with officials while they watched.

But Dr Mumba has insisted that no one will stop him from reorganizing the MMD.

And MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba has advised the police to stay away from the county’s politics and enforce the law without being partial.

He condemned the police for trailing him and his members as if they were criminals.

He warned that the party will not continue to stomach police intimidation and it will be forced to fight back if the police continue to work under such orders.


  1. I don’t feel sorry for Mumba specifically and MMD in general. These guys had the opportunity to make right so many things in their 20 year reign in Zambia, such as the constitution that is today haunting them. If the constitution had been dealt with while they where in power the same police wouldn’t have been using it to harass them. So no sympathy from me, I’m afraid.