African leaders have underperformed – Chanda

open Society Foundation Executive Director, Sunday Chanda
open Society Foundation Executive Director, Sunday Chanda
Open Society Foundation (OSF) has observed that African leaders in many countries have not done much to liberate their people from poverty and make them feel proud of the abundance of resources and potentials endowed to the continent.

OSF Executive Director, Sunday Chanda, has told QFM News in an interview corruption and autocratic leadership have been the most internal obstacles to the freedom of African people.

Mr. Chanda says true independence in Africa will come when the leaders of the continent are accountable and transparent in public service; when the people of Africa participates freely and openly in a system of democratic governance.

He adds that true independence will come when the people are free to choose among options that will advance their socio-economic needs and when the people will be strategic partners in development.

The OSF Executive Director furthermore notes that Africa tops in all of the vices such as highest HIV/AIDS rate, highest malaria rate and harbors the world’s poorest people.

He says Africa will never be free until Africans in government and those outside begin to abhor corruption and the relationship between the corruptor and corruptee.

Mr. Chanda stresses that today’s Africa frowns on accountable leaders and cherishes murderers and corrupt government officials.

He says corruption is at its peak in almost all African governments, and it is not just casting doubts on the credibility of the present crop of African leaders, but also eroding public confidence in the governments as a whole.