Government dismisses assertions of ban on license issuance to timber traders

Mukula tree timber
Mukula tree timber
Government has dismissed assertions that it has stopped the issuance of licenses to timber traders across the country.

Lands Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister Mwansa Kapeya has told QFM news in an interview that government has only warned farmers to desist from selling timber illegally.

Mr. Kapeya has explained that people in the country should also understand if citizens obtain title to a portion of land it doesn’t permit them to cut trees anyhow.

He says trees on any farmer’s land belong to the people of Zambia and that people need to obtain licenses if they want to start tree cutting for them to qualify for trading in timber.

Mr. Kapeya adds that it is in the similar vein that government would not allow any citizen to own copper even when the mineral is found on the land that he owns a title.

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