HH Mourns Masauso Mwale

Nkana Coach Masautso Mwale
Nkana Coach Masautso Mwale

Opposition UNPD leader Hakainde Hichelema has joined the nation in mourning Nkana F.C coach Masauso Mwale.

Mr. Hichelema says Zambia’s football fraternity has again been robbed of a promising coach in the name of Masauso Mwale.

“  My condolences go the Mwale family on this sad day. Let me extend my condolences to the Nkana Football Team Executive, the Nkana supporters and Mopani Copper Mines on this tragic death, ” said Mr. Hichelema.

The opposition leader said this in a message of condolescences obtained by ZANIS sports this evening.

He said Mwale might not have been a household name known to many, but he last year took particular interest in what he was doing as he pushed Nkana to the levels of the 80’s Nkana Red Devils, ultimately they got the 12th title.

Mr. Hichilema said the significance of the role played by Masauso Mwale as the coach, cannot be under played.

“ This is the reason his death has left all of us that love football devastated. In Masauso I saw a future Zambian coach set to conquer the world, “ he said.

He advised the nation to accord Masauso the kind of funeral befitting a man that has done so much for football and specifically Nkana Football Club.

He said the only way to honour Masauso was for Nkana F.C to continue their quest to conquer Africa.