Chibesakunda urged to appoint tribunal to probe what led Sata to testify

Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda has been called upon to appoint a commission of inquiry or tribunal to determine the circumstances that led President Michael Sata to temper with his immunity by testifying in a court of law.

On Wednesday the 21st of May, President Sata testified in a matter in which he has sued Daily Nation newspaper for defamation.

But a senior Blind Citizen Elijah Ngwale has observed that the action by President Sata to temper with his immunity as he will now be cross examined by the defense is uncalled for and dangerous for a sitting President.

Mr. Ngwale has told Qfm news that what happened on Wednesday the 21st of May was also of unprecedented magnitude and gravity considering the position that Mr. Sata holds of being the country’s Head of State and commander in chief of the armed forces.

He says this is why while the Acting Chief Justice appoints either a commission of inquiry or a tribunal to ascertain the circumstances that the led to such an action by the Head of State, in the interim there should be a reshuffle at State House.

Mr. Ngwale says this is in order that new office bearers that can wisely advise the President can be appointed to avoid such a trend of allowing the Head of State to take wrong decisions.

Meanwhile former Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Bishop Paul Mususu has also observed that it is unacceptable for President Sata to appear in court against a citizen.

Bishop Mususu says he finds it shocking that President Sata personally appeared in the High Court to testify in case he sued the Daily Nation Newspaper and its proprietor Richard Sakala.

He has suggested that it would have been right for President Sata to allow for his immunity to be waived before taking to court to testify against the newspaper.

Bishop Mususu notes that the action by the Head of State has also give thoughts on what sort of advisers the president has.