Charms disrupt lessons in Mansa school

Macha Secondary School
Macha Secondary School

LEARNING at Ntoposhi Primary School in Mansa was disrupted for almost a day when the headteacher found charms in his office.
The headteacher, Bernard Changwe, found charms in his office when he reported for work around 06:00 hours on Monday, which he believed was an act of witchcraft against him.
Mr Changwe found some powdered concoction with two needles pushed half way into his seat.
This scared Mr Changwe who alerted the whole school, sent both teachers and pupils in a panic as they ran out of their classrooms.
Luapula Province Police chief Malcolm Mulenga said yesterday that the incidence disrupted lessons for almost the whole day.
“At about 10:00 hours, Mansa Police Station received a telephone call from a concerned citizen to the effect that he had received information from Mr Changwe that he found charms in his office when he reported for work in the morning.
“Officers from Mansa Police Station went to Ntoposhi  Primary School which is about 15 kilometres away from the Police station and found that pupils were afraid of what they had seen,” Mr Mulenga said.
He said when Police officers went to the scene, another charm was found in the staff room which appeared to be a piece of wood covered in a string of beads of various colours and coiled with a  copper wire.
Mr Mulenga said parents were called for a meeting to find ways of removing the charms to enable the school return to normal operations but everybody was afraid to touch them.
Police officers then removed the charms and took them to the Police.
Lessons resumed thereafter and Police advised teachers to secure their offices and classrooms at all times.
Mr Mulenga said the school has a history of such experiences of charms being placed at the school.
He said the matter was now in the hands of the Ministry of Education and the Parents and Teachers Association, as well as the church.

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