Get rid of old ZAF planes – Fr Bwalya

President Fr. Frank Bwalya ABZ ..
President Fr. Frank Bwalya ABZ ..
Alliance for Better Zambia president Father Frank Bwalya has called on government to take stock of the country’s military planes and get rid of all old and unreliable planes and related equipment.


Commenting on the plane crash which claimed the life of ZAF Deputy Commander Muliokela Muliokela and Colonel Brian Mweene on Monday, Fr Bwalya tells QFM News in a statement that his party is deeply saddened by the continued loss of life on the country’s roads and now through ZAF plane crashes.

Fr Bwalya says every life is highly valued whether highly trained or not, young or old and that everything should be done to save life.

He recalls how as ZESCO Board Chairman he witnessed some government officials cheat death in Shiwang’andu when a ZAF plane crash-landed as it tried to takeoff after President Sata commissioned the Shiwangandu mini-hydro power station in December 2012.

He points out that a few months later a ZAF chopper carrying a senior government official to North-Western province was reported to have undertake emergency landing in Kabwe after developing a fault.

Fr Bwalya says these seemingly isolated incidents should have called for drastic measures to address relevant safety issues to prevent loss of life.

He has since called on government to address this problem with the urgency it demands.

He says deaths of Major General Muliokela and Colonel Mweene are saddening, and has wished the bereaved families God’s consolation at this time of great loss.

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