Mazabuka woman murdered by husband


A 35 year old woman of Kabobola compound in Mazabuka has being murdered by her husband after a domestic quarrel.


And police in the area have apprehended the suspect identified as James Simakoma who bolted following the killing incidence.


Both Police sources and relatives to the deceased confirmed the death of the woman identified as Periphar Kasozwe in separate interviews.


Veronica Siabwaka, the deceased’s sister-in- law narrated that the deceased who met her fate following the beatings suffered at the hands of her husband and sustained deep cuts on her head.


Siabwaka stated that she visited the deceased’s house in the early hours of Sunday morning in order to pick her child and discovered that her sister was lying dead on the door.


“I found the husband seated outside the house and when I inquired about my sister in law, he told me that she was sleeping inside the house and when I went in to check, I found her lying dead with blood stains all over her body. When I came out to ask the husband what happened, I found he was missing,” narrated Siabwaka.


And Abishai Sitali, who is the deceased’s landlord, stated that he heard the couple fighting in the early hours of Sunday around 02: 00 hours.


Police officers arrived at the scene around 09:00 hours to pick up the body.


According to sources, the man used a big stone to hit his wife on the head after suspecting her of having an extra marital affair with another man.


The deceased’s parents wept uncontrollably when they visited the house were scores of residents had gathered in to catch a glimpse of the dead body.