Thieves terrorise Pamodzi Market

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

SHOP OWNERS at Pamodzi Overspill market in Ndola have bemoaned high crime levels that have rocked the market.
Thieves have resorted to breaking shop walls to gain entry whenever they fail to enter through the door or windows.
The most targeted shops are those who restock their shops with new orders which are stolen the same day they are lined up on display.
Leonard Mushili, who spoke on behalf of other traders, said the rampant break-ins were affecting their businesses.
“We are losing a lot of goods to thieves who break in our shops at will, they have now resorted to breaking walls to gain entry,” said Mr Mushili.
He said  in a bid to protect their goods, some shop owners have now started spending nights in their shops as a way of guarding.
He, however said even sleeping in shops did not help much as robbers who are usually armed attack them right in their shops.
“One of our friends was attacked right in his shop, robbers first ordered him to open the shop for them to steal, when he couldn’t open, they fired gun shots at the shop,” said Mr Mushili.
Affected shop owners complained that even with Nkwazi Police Post near the market, Police officers did not help curbing the crimes.
They have since called on the police command in Ndola to protect them and their goods by regularly patronising the market area.


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