Zambians should not be excited about maize bumper harvest projection – Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says Zambians should not be excited with the projection of a maize bumper harvest.

Mr. Mulongoti has told QFM in an interview that while he is not trying to demean government’s intention of trying to make the people of Zambia happy; the worry is that the intention is leading to people believing that all is well.

Mr. Mulongoti notes that maize farming is a practical activity and the evidence can only come with the number of bags one has produced, stressing that it is not automatic that what has been projected for harvest is what will come out.

He adds that government should not excite the people of Zambia knowing that people are desperate for anything considering the high cost of living they have been subjected to under the PF government.

Mr. Mulongoti says it will be embarrassing for the government if the harvest turns out different from the projection.

Mr. Mulongoti points to the late delivery of farming inputs and the poor rainfall in some places as factors that might prove the projection of a bumper harvest wrong.