Severe hunger hits Kalabo

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Severe hunger hits Kalabo


Kalabo, May 14/14, ZANIS——-The hunger situation in some parts of Southern Province is reported to be severe and authorities are calling for relief food.


Villagers in Loke west and east of Chief Kakuya’s area in Kalabo district are said to be surviving on ‘Mubula’,  a local fruit due to hunger that has hit the area.


Chief Kakuya, who confirmed the development to ZANIS this morning, disclosed that over 1000 households were affected.


He further claimed that three old women were bedridden due to alleged lack of food.


Induna Kakuya expressed deep sorrow that people could be bedridden due to hunger despite several appeals to the District Disaster Management Team to send relief food to the area.


He predicted a higher mortality rate in the area if assistance was not offered immediately.


The chief has since appealed to the Office of the Vice President to send relief food to the affected areas in his chiefdom to avoid deaths.


The traditional leader further explained that the hunger situation would even extend further to the next farming season because the crops which they had planted in Nyengo and Liuwa area were submerged. 


He was, however, optimistic that government would act promptly on the matter.