Harrington appeals Kapata to reinstate dismissed ZAWA officials

Tourism and Arts Minister, Jean Kapata - photo credit The Post
Tourism and Arts Minister, Jean Kapata - photo credit The Post

William Harrington

Former Tourism Minister William Harrington has appealed to Tourism Minister Jean Kapata to reinstate the dismissed five senior ZAWA management officials as well the illegally cancelled successful bids for the hunting concessions, consistent with the findings of the Roydah Kaoma led Tribunal.
In his congratulatory letter to Ms Kapata on her elevation and subsequent appointment as Tourism Minister, Mr Harrington says it is an open secret that poaching of wildlife in the country is today a serious worrying challenge as a result of the absence of safari operators in the affected hunting blocks and concession areas, following the cancellation of the list of successful bidders.

Mr Harrington says the expeditious awarding of contracts to the successful bidders will go a long way in arresting the rampant poaching taking place in the country.

He adds that local communities will also benefit in monetary terms and thereby play their anti poaching role with more enthusiasm.

Mr Harrington states that currently morale amongst the communities is at its lowest ebb due to non receipt of allowances from operators.