Govt to construct trades school at Chitokoloki Mission

Chitokoloki Mission Hopsital ariel view
Chitokoloki Mission Hopsital ariel view
Chitokoloki Mission Hospital - Theatre
Chitokoloki Mission Hospital – Theatre

Vice President, Guy Scott, has disclosed that government will construct a trades training school at Chitokoloki Mission in Zambezi district of North Western Province.
Dr Scott says the construction of the trades school at the Mission will commence in 2015.

He said Education Minister, John Phiri, proposed that the trades school to be constructed at the mission be named after late Missionary, Katrina Erickson, who died together with his wife, Jay Erickson, when the plane they were flying plunged into the Zambezi River.

Dr Scott nodded the suggestion, saying he was sure that government and other stakeholders would not shoot down the proposal.

The Vice President was speaking in Zambezi district May 14th  during the centenary celebrations to mark 100 years of existence of Chitokoloki Mission in Zambia.

And Dr Scott has paid glowing tribute to Missionaries in the country for the role they have continued to play in the provision of not only spiritual guidance to the populous but also in providing services to the citizenry in sectors such as health and education.

He said many people in public service and life in the country are the product of Mission systems of one sort or another.

Dr Scott pledged government’s continued support towards the work of Missionaries in the nation as they endeavour to better living standards of the people.

And North Western Province Minister, Nathaniel Mubukwanu, expressed gratitude to Chitokoloki Mission for the efforts it has endeavoured in the process of national development.

Mr Mubukwanu noted that Chitokoloki Mission Hospital is well known for the provision of quality health care services and education it has rendered to not only the people of Zambezi district but other areas in the country.

He said government remains committed to ensuring that the Mission Hospital is supported in any way possible for it to continue providing the much needed health services to the people.

Meanwhile, former Inspector General of Police, Silas Ngangula, who is an elder in the Church, disclosed that the Mission has modernised the hospital by refurbishing it with new state of the art facilities in order to improve the quality of health care services it renders to the people.

Mr Ngangula said the hospital is also supported by well-trained health members of staff that are committed to tirelessly serve the sick with the best of their ability.

He also thanked government for the support it has continued to provide to the Mission which he said has helped it in proving the much-needed service to the citizenry.