Govt reiterates commitment to job creation

Panji Kaunda
Panji Kaunda

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Deputy Minister, Panji Kaunda, has reiterated government’s commitment to create meaningful employment for young people in the country.

Col Kaunda said this is why his ministry has embarked on an affirmative action of empowering youths.

He said under this affirmative action, the Ministry of Works and Supply will work in partnership with technical training colleges and the Zambia National Service (ZNS) in creating jobs and empowering youths after their training.

He said this will be done through giving contracts to colleges that will in turn sub-contract graduates instead of offloading them on the streets to look for jobs.

He said government realises that unless meaningful employment and opportunities are created for the young people, social challenges will never be eliminated from society.

ColKaunda was speaking in Solwezi when he called on North-western Province Minister, Nathaniel Mubukwanu, at his office May 13th.

And Mr Mubukwanu said the initiative is welcome as it will help reduce delinquency and other social vices that the young people are engaged in.

The Provincial Minister challenged youths to take advantage of the program and move away from the white collar job syndrome.

Col Kaunda is in Solwezi visiting technical training colleges and also meeting youth organisations to explain the affirmative action for youth empowerment in the construction sector that his ministry has embarked on.