Govt. has plans to install software at ministry of agric-Kazabu

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Government says it has plans of installing a software at the Ministry of  Agriculture and Livestock headquarters and research institute to help identify and trace domesticated animals in the country.



Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister Luzon Kazabu said the identification and traceable system software once installed is the modern way of numbering and managing animals.


Mr. Kazabu said the software provides data for what type of meat is it, source of origin and the buyer of the meat in-case of a disease break-out.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, the Deputy Minister said the software costs U$S100, 000 and the ministry is considering to purchase it in the near future.


He said government is in a hurry to export beef to other countries hence the need to strategise on implementing modern practices as opposed to traditional ones.


Mr. Kazabu explained that neighbouring countries like Botswana and Namibia have already installed their software where their cattle is being identified and traced.


He further disclosed that his ministry is revamping the research institutes to re-position them ahead of the proposed software installation.


Mr. Kazabu named Mbaumora Central Veterinary Research Institute in Lusaka province that would be revamped to address the challenges associated with cattle rearing.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kazabu has urged officers under his ministry in the provinces to speed-up the tendering process for the construction of dip-tanks country-wide.


Government intends to construct 400 dip tanks at a cost of K52.5 million across the country to prevent cattle from dying.


He said 200 dip tanks will be constructed before the end of this year while the remaining 200 would be built next year and rehabilitate existing ones.


The Deputy Minister said government wants to establish free disease zones and named Luapula province as one such zone that does not experience cattle diseases like Southern province.