Ngabwe workers directed to move to newly created Ngabwe district

Peter Kasanda
Peter Kasanda

Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet, Peter Kasanda, has directed Central Province Permanent Secretary, Edwidge Mutale, to ensure that all civil servants employed under the newly created Ngabwe district move to their area with immediate effect.

Ambassador Kasanda said this is in order to ensure that government presence is felt in the area.

He was speaking yesterday when he visited the area to inspect the on-going works on the Kabwe-Ngabwe road.

The Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet said all officers employed under Ngabwe district but still operating from Kabwe and Kapiri-Mposhi districts must move and deliver the much-needed development to the people.

He said there is no way government presence will be recognized in the area if the officers shun the place.

Ambassador Kasanda further directed the Rural Roads Unit (RRU) to speed up works on the Ngabwe road.

He said there is urgent need for the RRU to accelerate works on the road because it will open up the area as well as develop the area.

And Central Province Permanent Secretary, Edwidge Mutale, has assured Ambassador Kasanda   that her office will do everything possible to ensure that the officers belonging to Ngabwe district are moved immediately.

Ms Mutale said the officers are willing and ready to move and necessary logistics will be put in place to ensure that the district is operational.

She, however, regretted the lack of accommodation in the area but promised that her office will look for alternative places to accommodate the officers.

Meanwhile, Ngabwe District Administrative Officer, Jessie Mulenga, has appealed to government to consider changing the name of the district from Ngabwe to Lukanga.

Ms Mulenga said this is because the current name, Ngabwe, has brought a lot of unrest to the people as it is purported to indicate that the district belongs to Chief Ngabwe.

She said government should consider a neutral name like Lukanga because it will help bring back harmony to the area.

 Ms Mulenga said confusion and wrangles have arisen in the district since the creation of Ngabwe district and the government should consider changing it to harness the situation.