Govt rules out early elections

Information minister Dr Joseph Katema
Information minister Dr Joseph Katema

Govt rules out early elections.

Government says the country will not hold any early elections and that NAREP leader Elias Chipimo should simply wait for 2016.

Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema in a statement issued to QFM New says contrary to Mr Chipimo’s imagination, President Michael Sata is not fatigued.

Dr Katema says President Sata is focused on ensuring the promises he made to the Zambian people are achieved and no amount of detraction from the likes of Mr Chipimo or any other political leader will change his resolve.

He states that people are seeing change; not just in infrastructure development, but also in the mature manner the country is being run.

Dr Katema says government is concerned at the growing number of outlandish and unsubstantiated statements coming from opposition party leaders.

He says while it is true that Zambia is a democracy and people are free to express themselves, this freedom of speech should carry substance when coming from leaders.

Dr Katema says the recent veiled attacks on President Sata by Mr Chipimo, at best smack of a phobia for senior citizens.

He questions when Mr Chipimo graduated from medical school and when he was engaged to ascertain the President’s health, for him to state that the President should call for early elections because he is going through terrible hardships and is fatigued and stressed with the burden of running the country.

Dr Katema has advised Mr Chipimo and his fellow opposition leaders to realize that as leaders the words that come out of their mouths have a direct reflection on their characters and if they engage in character assassination as their prime mover of their agendas, the electorates they seek votes from will further be alienated from them.