Dad flies Zambia to to meet his snatched son

Troy's Dad - Patrick Beary
Troy's Dad - Patrick Beary

A HEARTBROKEN Irish father is to fly to Zambia to see his son who was snatched by his African mother last year.

But Patrick Beary has revealed he cannot bring Troy (2) back from Zambia because the child’s mother kept his Irish passport and the African country is not a signatory to The Hague Convention on children’s residency rights.

The Cork dad now intends to spend two weeks in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, to spend time with Troy who was snatched from his home a year ago.

He is hoping that his former partner, Elizabeth Daka, may agree to allow Troy return to Ireland.

“But that is hoping against hope,” he said.

Ms Daka fled to her native Zambia in April 2013 taking her two Irish-born sons with her, Ethan (7) and Troy.

Ethan’s father, Richard Quarry, made headlines last January by successfully rescuing the boy after a daring mission to get him across the border into Zimbabwe.

However, Patrick said he couldn’t take part in a similar rescue because Ms Daka kept Troy’s Irish passport.


Patrick, who is a friend of Richard, said he is “delighted and thrilled” at his successful return from Zambia with Ethan.

Richard had Ethan’s Irish passport and that was critical to getting him across the border to Zimbabwe so he could be flown back to Ireland.

“Troy has an Irish passport but it is in his mother’s possession. I wouldn’t get another one (passport),” Patrick said.

Without a passport, Patrick admitted he would never make it across the border with his son.


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