Afunika , Kanawa Kawizo entertain in Avondale

RENOWNED artiste Afunika alongside Kanawa Kawizo last Saturday took patrons on a musical ride at Lusaka’s Kweshako Bar in Avondale.
With ordinary music keeping its audience entertained before the actual performance, Kawizo later came ONto the stage with his hit song Chitoitomato at 22:00 hours.
The show, which attracted an even-handed crowd, saw show-goers get into action when the artiste sang songs such as ‘Kaloba Kaloba’, ‘Bachabechabe’ and ‘Muleke Aleya’, among others.
The fun was up and rolling as the performance saw patrons up to their feet, dancing and singing along to each of the songs.
Renowned for colourful stage performances, Afunika was equally a darling as he too kept the audience alive and dancing to his songs such as ‘Malinso’, ‘Darling’ and ‘Tefumo Lyandi’.
Things started to rock when the artiste hit full throttle and so did the show, much to the amusement of show-goers.
After exciting the audience with a number of songs, the artiste called three patrons to the stage for them to showcase their dances.
This is something the artiste is fond of – interacting with the audience during his performances.
The first patron to take him, on did very well earning himself a rousing applause from the audience. The second one equally did well. However, the third one did not do very well, but tried anyway.
Later on, all the three had a chance to dance with Afunika’s dancers.
Anyway, whatever the case, the over two-and-half hour show was thrilling.
Without a doubt, Afunika pulled party-goers to the dance floor as he switched songs from each of his album till the show came to an end after 01:00 hours.
Excited as fulfilled fans can be, regular patrons were obviously hoping that this was not the last time they were seeing Afunika at the joint.

Daily Mail