Christian Democratic Party (CDP) gaining ground – Dan Pule

dan pule

Opposition Christian Democratic Party (CDP) leader, Dan Pule, says is gaining ground and establishing its structures across the country.

Dr Pule says CDP is a party of the future and will be ruling the country after 2016 after defeating the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

He says the party is so far enjoying a strong presence in all provincial capitals, except for Muchinga and Kasama.

The CDP leader was speaking yesterday in Solwezi during a press briefing, shortly after meeting CDP North Western provincial leadership at a local lodge.

And Dr Pule said the CDP will make Christian teaching compulsory in all public schools because the word of the Bible has transforming and restraining power necessary for inculcating good morals in children.

He said Christian teaching is the only solution to the present problems of juvenile delinquency the country is facing.

He promised that once voted into office, the CDP will allocate 25 per cent of the country’s budget to the education sector.

He said the finance will be used to provide free education for a child’s 16 years of learning, while teacher training will be emphasised so that a bachelor’s degree becomes the minimum teacher qualification starting at nursery schools.


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