Chibamba Kanyama resigns from ZNBC

Chibamba Kanyama
Chibamba Kanyama

I leave ZNBC on June 15th, 2014 to take up an appointment with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as Communications Advisor. I joined ZNBC on March 6th, 2012 and the past two years at the helm of the Corporation provided me with an incredible experience. ZNBC is a dynamic organization that holds great promise towards changing the socio-cultural and economic dynamics of Zambia. I am grateful the Government has shown willingness to continue supporting ZNBC so that it fulfills its mandate, given the backdrop of anticipated digital migration.
ZNBC employees are enviable professionals to work with. With reduced external interference in operations, as witnessed in the last two years, the public should expect international level service provision. I implore the public to continue supporting the staff that is committed to execute national assignments in public interest.
I take the opportunity to pay tribute to the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Michael C. Sata for supporting the Office of Director General. He never interfered in my operations but encouraged me to function as required by CAP 154 that governs the operations of ZNBC. I thank all the Ministers and Permanent Secretaries that served at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for having given guidance to my office, particularly during the period ZNBC had no Board of Directors.
I greatly value the mentorship I received from the Board of Directors Chaired by John M. Mulwila. Appreciation also goes to the management and staff of ZNBC for having participated in the big vision that sought to reposition ZNBC as a true public broadcaster. It is my desire and hope that the dream will be fully realized.
Finally but not least, to all ZNBC stakeholders, particularly members of the public, that gave me encouragement to provide leadership at the Corporation. I do hope that the public will continue to render support to my successor and ZNBC at large.
May the LORD God bless you all.
Chibamba Kanyama
10th May, 2014


  1. This man is selfless and he has personally built my career by exposing me and God rewarding him this way is my prayer answered. All the best and I know you will shine!