US investors, zambians to set up recycling plant

Remainder Waste After Processing
Remainder Waste After Processing

INVESTORS from the United States (US) in partnership with Zambians in the diaspora, have expressed interest in establishing a recycling plant in Zambia that will help improve the solid waste management in the country.
Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda said the company, once established, planned to generate energy from waste and make products out of it.
“The investors from US, who have partnered with Zambians in the diaspora want to come and set up a recycling plant in Zambia which will be recycling waste and be able to generate energy and I think this is the concept which will work well,” he said.
In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chenda said it was important for the private sector to partner with the local councils to help manage the escalating waste by either establishing a recycling plant or come up with companies that will directly deal with disposal of rubbish.
Mr Chenda said the council should not be seen as the only vehicle to drive the collection of garbage but the private sector should also participate actively in setting up firms that would help collect garbage in residential areas and cities.
Mr Chenda said under the current local government reforms, measures had been put in place to streamline the activities of the local councils in Zambia and also on how to handle garbage among other things.
“We can partner with the private sector on this and I believe the council can be dealing with public places, while the private sector can handle residential areas in terms of collecting garbage as the capacity to collect garbage is well beyond the councils,” Mr Chenda said.