Naked man escapes lynching by mob

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

An unknown man in Chibombo District last night escaped a possible mob justice after he was caught naked near John Chinena Market.
A ZANIS reporter who accompanied the police and Chibombo Central Ward Councillor Robby Malindima to the scene, found a mob of people from the market and the nearby village questioning the man about where he had come from.

The man, who at the time had been given some clothes by some good Samaritans, could not however explain clearly where he had come from and how he had found himself in such a situation.

According to an eye witness, the man was spotted standing by the roadside near the market around 21 hours by some passersby.

The eye witness narrated that people did realize at first that the man was naked as he was standing in the darkness.

The eye witness said people only became aware that the man was not wearing anything after the headlights from the oncoming vehicle illuminated the place where he was standing.

The eye witness further said upon realising that he had been noticed the man tried to run away but was pursued by a mob.

And area ward councillor Robby Malindima said he was called by some informers at the market about the incident which he also reported to the police immediately.

Mr Malindima said it was difficult to establish the particulars of the man and what had transpired at the time because he could not speak clearly despite the mob not beating him.

Meanwhile, Mr Malindima commended the police for the quick response which he said had saved the man from possible lynching.

The Police have since arrested the man.