Suspected cattle rustler found naked in a kraal

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An 18-year- old man of Mwenyi area of Chief Kaongolo of Kalabo district was yesterday found in a kraal naked in unclear circumstances.

Mafo Kalenga is believed to have gone naked to the kraal to steal cattle and was in the process intercepted by Muyantwa Kamuti of the same area who is also the owner of the kraal.

Kalabo Police Officer- in- Charge, Kim Masambo, confirmed the incident that occurred between 22:00 hrs and 23:00 hrs.

Mr Masambo told ZANIS that the 18 year old man was arrested and detained at Kalabo police station after being charged with criminal trespass.

The offender was later released after the complainant decided to withdraw the case.
He said the young man walked 30 km away from his village to commit the crime, a development that has shocked the police and villagers.

Police said they were shocked that a person could go stealing whilst naked, a first case of its kind.