PF bent on dividing Bembas – Chanda

open Society Foundation Executive Director, Sunday Chanda
open Society Foundation Executive Director, Sunday Chanda
The Open Society Foundation (OSF) says the PF Government is bent on dividing the Bemba-speaking people by directly fighting paramount Chief Chitimukulu designate Henry Kanyanta Sosala.

OSF Executive Director, Sunday Chanda, has told QFM News in an interview that it is a statement of fact that the Bemba-speaking people provided a strong base for the PF, but that this base has been despised with the highest contempt possible.

Mr. Chanda says Zambians and the Bemba speaking people wish to know why the PF government is fighting their paramount chief.

He states that by fighting the Chitimukulu designate, government is in fact fighting the Bemba speaking people.

Mr Chanda adds that the ruling party is determined to dislodge Kasama central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba for resigning from government in protest over the stalemate between the government and the Bemba royal establishment over the installation of the Chitimukulu.

Mr. Chanda has called on Government to let go of the chitimukulu throne and stop dividing the Bemba-speaking people.

Mr. Chanda adds that PF will be pushing their luck too far with Kasama Central parliamentary seat by creating a by-election.