Kalabo family escape death after canoe capsizes

Luanginga river, canoe, kalabo
Luanginga river, canoe, kalabo

Five people yesterday morning nearly drowned in the Luanginga river but quick action by locals saved their lives.

The incident happened around 10:00 hours when a couple and three of their children were travelling to Mongu using an overloaded canoe amid strong waves.

According to an eye witnesses, the man, who was paddling the canoe, could not negotiate the strong waves when he reached 800meters away from Kalabo main harbour.

As the man continued to paddle, the canoe capsized and on lookers rushed to the scene with a speed boat to rescue the family.

The mother and two of the children were unconscious but later regained their consciousness after first aid was offered to them.

The family lost all their goods on board and the canoe could not be retrieved.

Almost every week a life is lost in the Luanginga River.

Last week alone five people drowned in separate incidences.

Photo credit : Ian & Daphne Lindsay