Habitat for Humanity joins in commemorating KK’s birthday

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Habitat for Humanity Zambia has joined millions of Zambians in wishing first republican President Kenneth Kaunda a happy ninetieth birthday.

Speaking during the visit by Habitat for Humanity in Lusaka today at his office, Dr. Kaunda said he was humbled by the gesture shown to him.

Dr. Kaunda said his office will endeavour to support the calls of Habitat for Humanity in ensuring that it constructs as many houses for vulnerable families as possible.

And speaking after he presented the birthday message to Dr. Kaunda, Habitat for Humanity Zambia National Director Joseph Munsanje said the visit brings back sweet memories.

Mr. Munsanje said Dr. Kaunda has been instrumental in the development and construction of many houses for the less privileged people in Zambian societies.

He said the aim of his organization was to change lives of the people through securing accommodation for those that cannot afford to build their own.

Mr. Munsanje said the organization was also committed to improving the water and sanitation situation in the country so as to make people have easy access.

He said Habitat for Humanity has also developed an ambitious strategic plan in line with its vision of seeing to it that they meet the housing deficit.