‘I want a share of my daughter’s estate’


A woman of Lusaka has asked a local court to revoke the appointment of her son-in-law as administrator of estate for his late wife.
Juliet Chama told the court that her son in-law Daniel Mukombwe 40, had failed to administer her late daughter’s estate because since her death in 2012 she had not been given her share as ordered by the court.
This was in case where Chama sued Mukombwe for revocation of  administrator after he allegedly failed to administer his late wife’s estate.
Evidence before the court was that Mukombwe’s wife died in 2012 leaving behind a boarding house. The court ordered that Chama should be getting 30 per cent from the rentals of the boarding house.
However, Chama submitted that although Mukombwe had been collecting the rentals, he had not been giving his mother in-law her share.
“Whenever I try to confront him, he gets upset and shouts at me. He says he is using the money to finish building the boarding house.
“Therefore, I want him to step down as an administrator, so that we choose someone who would manage to administer the estate accordingly,” she said.
But Mukombwe refused to step down citing that he built that house with his wife hence it was impossible for him to give to someone else to administer it.
He said the time his wife died the boarding house was not complete hence the K60,000 he had collected for two terms from the students he used it to finish building the structure.
When passing judgment magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Shallon Sichone and Daniel Phiri dismissed the claim.


Times of Zambia