Chief Matebo applauds govt

Labour Day in pictures
Labour Day in pictures

Chief Matebo of the Kaonde speaking people in North Western Province has commended the Patriotic Front government for the many policies it has come up with especially those concerning rural areas.
Chief Matebo’s spokesperson Andrew Lukamata has told Q fm in an interview that the Pf leadership has demonstrated to the Zambian people that they are a caring government and what doing everything to ensure that all the Zambians benefit.

He says the many developmental projects being implemented through out the country, the idea of introducing village industries are a clear evidence of the works of the Pf government citing that the many developmental projects taking place in his chiefdom has created job opportunities for his youths.

Mr. Lukamata says the people in his chief Matebo’s chiefdom are happy with what the PF government has done so far.

He has further encouraged the PF government to continue with the works and continue working hard to for the country to move forward.