Swine fever breaks out in Kasempa kills 43 animals.

pig farm
pig farm

African swine fever has broken out in Kasempa district in North-western province.
About 43 pigs that have died after getting infected with the swine fever as 22 pigs are reported to have died at one particular farm.

Kasempa District Commissioner Victor Kayekesi confirmed to ZANIS that diagnosis of some samples taken to a laboratory in Lusaka indicated the presence of the disease..

The DC said one of the areas affected by the disease is Muselepete compound where more than 11 farmers have lost their animals.

Mr Kayekesi expressed concern that the number is expected to rise because veterinary officers are still on the ground collecting data.

Meanwhile, government has put up measures to control the situation by prohibiting the movement of pigs and pig products and that no slaughtering of pigs should be done within the district.

And Alfred Suwale a farmer, has appealed to government for financial assistance after losing more than 22 pigs since the outbreak of the disease.

Suwale complained of losing money following the death of the animals as the loss will impact negatively on the family’s economical status.

African swine fever is a viral disease transmitted by ticks.