Govt. sets aside K2 million for infrastructure development in Chibombo District.

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Govt. sets aside K2 million for infrastructure development in Chibombo District.



Chibombo, April 30, 2014, ZANIS –  Government has set aside over two million kwacha for agriculture infrastructure development in Chibombo District.


Chibombo District Commissioner Felix Mang’wato says the funds are meant to construct and rehabilitate agriculture infrastructures under the 2014 approved capital projects for the district.


Mr Mang’wato this development to ZANIS in an interview in Chibombo District, today.


He said that K880, 000 of the total amount will be spent on the construction and rehabilitation of dip tanks in the district.


K770, 000 has been allocated towards the construction of a livestock breeding Centre while K100, 000 will be used to put up a livestock Service Centre, he said.


The District commissioner further said K250, 000 has been set aside for the construction of an artificial insemination Centre.


Another K100, 000 has been set aside for building and rehabilitation of camp houses in all the four agriculture camps in the district.


The DC said the PF government was doing all this for the community in the district because it realizes that agriculture is a major economic activity in the area.


Mr Mang’wato said the gesture also signifies the government’s determination to improve the welfare of the people especially those in the rural areas of the district.


He said the rehabilitation of the dip tanks will help the district to contain tick borne diseases which he said have been a major problem in the area.


He said the office of the District Agricultural Coordinator is working in collaboration with the Provincial Agricultural Coordinator’s office and the Provincial Procurement Unit to ensure that the bill of quantity is prepared so that works can start.