Government on employment creation – Sata

Good Afternoon Dear Friends,

You will recall that during the official opening of the 3rd Session of the 11th National Assembly, I did inform the nation that our Government attaches great importance to employment creation as the top most strategy for ensuring the stability of society and overall growth of the economy in all sectors.

In this vein between October 2011 and April 2014, a total of 377,470 jobs have been created in the economy as follows: tourism 218,663; service, finance & banking 74,487; electricity, gas and water 28,618; construction 16, 175; transport and communication 14,549; education 10,099; community, social & personal 4,998; health 3,640; agriculture, forestry and fishing 3,153; and others 3,088.

As you may be aware, our country is endowed with an abundance of natural resources and human capital. It is the intention of our Government through the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to fully promote value addition and diversification of our economy for the benefit of our people.

In this regard, our Government will accelerate the development of adequate infrastructure in energy, transport, communication and the construction of one stop border posts in line with our national development agenda of industrialization and job creation. MCS- 30/04/14