Ruling party is not Government, Government is not a ruling party – UPND


They are shouting and no one is Listening

The fortunate thing about politics and Governance is that, a ruling party is not Government, and the Government is not a ruling party. We are therefore not moved by the headline in today’s news that PF have warned against early campaigns is at best laughable, at worst foolish. We shall elect to laugh.

Lets take you back a bit, on 31st December 2001, PF had started campaigning. Remember the election was held on 27th December. On 1st November 2006, PF was on the campaign trail again. Remember this election was held on 28th October. In 2008, after a bitter exchange with a BBC reporter, the very next day PF was on the campaign trail. Now the funny thing is even on September 23rd, 2011, PF temporarily forgot they had won the election and the man elected, thought he was in opposition and made a mockery of the constitution and nominated 10 MPs.

We are digressing. Here is the issue, we set a campaign in motion the day we lost the 2011 election. There is no law that prohibits us from campaigning. So we have some news for PF, our campaign is in full gear, you closed the rally option, we circumvented you. You have virtually closed all avenues, the latest being what your chairman on the copperbelt said, we need permission to visit those areas not considered our strongholds. That is not only absurd, but illegal. Did we say illegal? We forgot, in PF even killing is no longer illegal.

Well ladies and gentlemen its time to hit the campaign trail again. Wamene safuna, ankhale pa nyumba tizamupeza!