Boma magistrate : Be independent and not depend on husband’s wealth

Divorce Court
Divorce Court

THE Boma local court magistrate has challenged women to be independent and not depend on their husband’s wealth.

Magistrate Daniel Phiri said women who depended on their husbands became destitute once divorced.
This is a case in which Alice Katongo, 34, sued Peter Mulambo, 47, for marriage reconciliation after he deserted home.
Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2002 and have five children together but problems in their marriage started in 2012 when Malambo went to work in Solwezi.
Kaonga told the court that from the time her husband went to Solwezi, he stopped sending enough money for rentals and food.
She narrated that in January this year, the landlord chased her out of the house because the rentals had accumulated to more than K3,000.
Kaonga said she tried to get hold of her husband but failed because he stopped answering her calls.
She told the court that upon following him to Solwezi, she discovered that he had married another woman.
“He is my husband, I love him because he is the father of my children and moreover if he decides to divorce me how will I take care of the children.
“My children are still very young, the first born is 10, followed by the one who is six then four, two and one-year-old,” she said.
But Malambo told the court that he married another woman because his wife never wanted his children whom he had with his first wife.
He told the court that he was ready to reconcile with his wife provided she accepted a polygamous marriage.
He further told the court that his wife used the money for rental on useless things instead of rentals.
“If my wife is willing to change and accept to be in a polygamous marriage, we will continue living  together.
When passing judgment magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Petronella Kalyelye counselled the two and told them that it was up to them to make their marriage work.