‘Object of Interest’ Found in Flight 370 Search


>>> to our top story right now, that is what they’re calling an object of interest that has washed ashore on a beach in australia. could it be related to the disappearance of malaysia air flight 370? nbc’s katy tur is in perth this morning. katy, good morning to you.

>> reporter: hey there, matt. so far, we don’t know too much about it. but a beach goer said they found something washed ashore on a beach in augusta, that’s about three and a half hours south of where we are in perth, australia. we believe it’s a piece of sheet metal with rivets in it. they turned it into local police and now the proper authorities both in malaysia and in australia are reviewing pictures of it right now. the chief of atsb, which is the australian version of the ntsb, said it is interesting enough to warrant more review, but he did say — and he cautioned that the more they look at it, the less interesting it is becoming. so far, though, it could be a very big lead, because as you know, no wreckage whatsoever has been found so far. matt?

>> before i let you go, the obvious question. what about currents in that area? based on where they’re searching for that plane in the middle of the indian ocean, would currents reasonably take a piece of debris to where this was found in australia?

>> reporter: experts say yes, that it would. it’s the most southern point of western australia. it’s right where the indian ocean and the southern ocean meet. remember, there’s been a lot of inclement weather in the past six weeks since they believe the plane crashed in the indian ocean. there’s been a cyclone as well as other bad weather. experts say that the currents could wash something ashore here. it is unusual, though, that it is the only piece of potential wreckage that is found. but if it is confirmed to be part of mh-370, you would have to imagine they’re going to start stepping up the skoucouring the beachline, the


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