Chipili Business community forms committee to monitor contracts


The business community in Chipili District has formed a committee that will monitor all the contracts awarded to the local contractors.


The newly formed committee will be ensuring that all awarded contracts are completed schedule.


ZANIS reports from Chipili District that Chairperson for Chipili District Business Association (CDBA) Alexander Munsha revealed this development in an interview, today.


Mr. Munsha says the committee will assist local contractors to have access to contracts and thus compete with contractors outside the district.


He said the committee has decided to and agreed on the payments to their coffer, by other contractors from outside the district who will be accessing projects in Chipili District.


The CDBA said the committee will charge contractors from other districts a sum of One Hundred Kwacha (K100).


Mr. Munsha also appealed to all Government Departments to give projects to the District Business Association regardless of the source of money rather than waiting for Constituency Development Funds (CDF) only.


He said some Departments were denying them projects without proper documents. He expressed that committee members will be considered for contracts as they will have the needed documents organized by the committee.