Juvenile twins in court for manslaughter in Mongu


Mongu High Court has charged twin Juveniles aged 17years old of Kaoma District in Western Province for manslaughter.

Before Mongu High Court Judge Justin Kondolo were juvenile twins who stood charged with one count of manslaughter contrary to section 199 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Facts are that on the 8th of September 2011 whilst in Kaoma District and while acting together the two Juvenile murdered Chinonge Kalumbwana.

The Court heard that on the date in question the deceased went with his mother to draw water at nearby water well at which point his mother known as Sungu Chilunda picked up a quarrel with the one of the twins.

It was heard that as the deceased intervened, it angered the other twin brother and began beating the deceased before fleeing the scene.

The Court further said the duo fled the scene leaving the deceased on the ground and his mother picked him up and rushed him to Kaoma District Hospital for treatment where he was admitted and died on the 21st September 2011.

But when the case came up for plea the two Juvenile readily admitted the charge after being interviewed by the Social Welfare Office.

Standing in for the Juvenile during the mitigation period Lumulunga District Social Welfare Officer Oscar Lwindi pleaded with the Court not to impose custodian sentence on the two Juvenile as they are first offender and were at school by the time of arrest.

Mr.Lwindi noted that the juveniles had enough time for reformation as they are still young and be sent back to school where they would be taught on how to be responsible citizens in order for them to uphold good moral standards.

However, High Court Judge said had put the plea by the Social Welfare into consideration but said the nature of the offence committed was felonious which deserved capital punishment.
He said instead he was going to subject the dual to do communal activities in the community based in their area four times every month as part of their punishment and visiting the Social Welfare Department four times in each month for counselling and guidance.

The Judge further warned that failing to observe the laid down instruction would prompt the Court to take severe action against the offenders.

The offenders have since been put for two years under the supervision of the Social Welfare based in Kaoma District.