Resign, Kaingu tells Mumba

Mike Mulongoti with MMD Rebels Dora Siliya, Dr Michael Kaingu, Brig Gen Dr Brian Chituwo, Lucky Mulusa, Chembe Nyangu and Kapembwa Simbao
Mike Mulongoti with MMD Rebels Dora Siliya, Dr Michael Kaingu, Brig Gen Dr Brian Chituwo, Lucky Mulusa, Chembe Nyangu and Kapembwa Simbao

MMD vice-president for politics Michael Kaingu has asked party President Nevers Mumba to resign from his position to save the party from extinction.
Dr Kaingu’s call comes barely a days after Dr Mumba called for the resignation of the Mwandi MP together with four other senior members propagating for a convention Brian Chituwo, Dora Siliya, Lucky Mulusa and Kapembwa Simbao.
When asked for a comment, Dr Mumba through his special assistant Raphael Nakachinda said he would not fight his vice-president in the press.
Dr Kaingi said the MMD will never win an election at any level as long as the party keeps Dr Mumba as its president.
He said Dr Mumba had lost connectivity and was not following party structures, a situation which would not make the party to win any election.
He has since advised Dr Mumba to resign from his position and allow someone else with the connectivity to manage the party, saying they could not continue with a party leader who was insulting them.
Speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview, Dr Kaingu said members should not lose hope but should ensure that Dr Mumba was ejected from the party claiming that once this was done, the party would see a new political landscape.
“There are no factions in the MMD all structures are intact, the problem is Dr Mumba who has paid youths to insult me for telling him the truth, he does not follow party structures and this is what is making the party unpopular, if this will continue under him no election will be won,” he said.
He said article 15 of the party Constitution stated that only four provinces were needed to lodge their petitions in order to have the convention and that Eastern and Western had already petitioned while Central and Lusaka would do so anytime.
He said the party would be doomed if it did not go to the convention because the party president had failed to follow the party Constitution and that his style of leadership had no respect for other senior party officials.
“From the time he was elected, he has never addressed us or informed us on what he has achieved in terms of resource mobilisation but all we see is him hiring vehicles to travel in the night avoiding to  meet party structures, if his going to Chinsali, he goes in the night instead of during the day so that he can meet members on his way,” he said.
Dr Kaingu said the party should be very careful when electing a new President since they have learnt their lesson adding that the party needed a man or woman with the connectivity.
“Time is not with us we don’t need to wait, we have to move this man out, the process is still on, and we need a Zambian leader who will go with the people, someone will be found within us but Iam not one of them,” said Dr Kaingu.