Security guard dispensing drugs at Nkumbi RHC in Mkushi

HIV aids
HIV aids

Deputy Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Ingrid Mphande has expressed shock at the low staffing levels at Nkumbi Rural Health Centre in Mkushi.

The Deputy Minister, who was touring health facilities in Mkushi was also saddened with the inadequate bed space at the Health Institution.

Briefing the Minister and her entourage, Acting Sister-In-Charge, Esnare Chanda lamented that the Rural Health Centre which carters for a population of over fourteen thousand people only has five members of staff.

Mrs. Chanda explained that this scenario has led to a situation where the security guard being tasked to be dispense drugs to patients.

The Acting Sister-In-Charge also informed the Minister that due to the inadequate wards, all patients regardless of gender and age are forced to share one admission ward.

The Deputy Minister expressed shock and sadness at the state of affairs and promised to address the challenges outlined by the Acting Sister-In-Charge with the urgency they deserve.

Mrs. Mphande expressed worry that a guard can be tasked to dispense drugs when he is not qualified to perform such a task and called for the system to change.

On the issue of male and female patients sharing the same ward with children, the Deputy Minister said it was not appropriate and that the situation needed to be corrected soon.