Hippos attack Chilubi villagers


More than ten people have been attacked by hippos in Chambeshi River in Chief Fube’s area in Chilubi district.

Sub Chief Fube of the Bisa people confirmed the attacks to ZANIS in an interview, adding that the people in his area were living in fear.

He said a week hardly passes without the area reporting a case of the same nature.

‘’Only last week, Fube village recorded more than ten people that were attacked by the hippos. So people are living in fear because these animals are on rampage,’’ said Chief Fube.

The traditional leader added that people were now scared of going about their normal businesses, which was mainly fishing, because of the attacks by the vicious beasts.

Chief Fube appealed to government to send ZAWA officers if peoples’ lives were to be protected.

He feared that if left unchecked, the situation would adversely affect the locals whose main source of income was fishing.