Western MMD warns it’s members againest misconduct

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Western Province MMD Information and Publicity Secretary, David Nchengu has warned some party Members of Parliament and councilors to desist from destructing the party structures and becoming un loyal to the party and its leadership at the grass root level.

In an interview, Nchengu said the suspension of Western Province Minister who is opposition’s Luampa MMD Member of Parliament Josephine Limata should be a lesson to any member in the province who is intending to bring the former ruling party into disrepute.

Mr Nchengu said the provincial executive committee has made its recommendation the Nation executive committee at the MMD secretariat for the expulsion of its erring Luampa constituency Member of Parliament Limata after she failed to exculpate herself.

He said the suspension of Limata is not based on her employment in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government but for miss gross conduct over the party regulations as she was found wanting by her party.

“As MMD disciplinary party regulations of 1991 appendix (a) section 5(b), (f) and (g) states that conduct likely to bring the name of the party into contempt, ridicule or disrepute and disobedience to orders, directives of instructions of any party organ on official duty authorized to do so and insubordination to senior party organs or officials, that person is liable for suspension and onward recommendation for expulsion by NEC,” said Nchengu.

Mr Nchengu said that Limata was saved with a disciplinary letter of which she failed to exculpate herself hence her suspension adding that Limata was also in a habit of transforming MMD party structures into PF in Luampa district and the entire Western province.

Meanwhile, Nchengu said PEC has also relieved Joseph Mulyata as acting MMD Mongu district chairperson as he has served for more than four years.