Lusaka man defies court order

Magistrates Court

A LOCAL court in Lusaka has heard how a 32-year-old man of Matero Township has defied a court order to sell the car and share the proceeds with his former girl friend.
The court had ordered Morgan Mumba to trade the car and share the money with Catherine Phiri, his former girlfriend he had stayed with for years.
However, Phiri 28, told the court that her ex-lover had refused to auction the car.
This was in case where Phiri took Mumba to court after he refused to share their property equally as per directive by the court in the earlier matter.
Mumba, who is married to another woman, was cohabiting with Phiri after his wife went for work to Kabwe but decided to leave the plaintiff upon the return of his wife in December last year.
Phiri was upset and sued for divorce but the local refused to recognise the marriage on the basis that there was no formal marriage.
However, the court had ordered that all the property that the couple had acquired during the period of cohabiting must be sold and shared equally.
Phiri said although they shared everything, Mumba refused to sell the vehicle saying it meant a lot to him because it was his first car.
“He tells me that my father was poor and never even had a bicycle so why should I force him to sell his car,” she said
But Mumba in his defence told the court that he had been looking for money to give to his ex-lover.
He said that he was rude towards Phiri because she was in the habit of calling and insulting his wife unnecessarily.
But when passing judgment Magistrate Petronalla Kalyelye sitting with Lewis Mumba told Phiri to find a buyer of the car and sell it so that she could get her share of the money.
The court also ordered Mumba to start supporting his child with a K150 per month in order to avoid unnecessary arguments.