Man dies in hit and run accident in Mufumbwe

16th 2013 - Chibombo accident 20130717_041406
16th July 2013 - Chibombo accident 20130717 -

An unidentified man of Mufumbwe district in North-Western province has died on the spot after he was hit by an unknown speeding vehicle.


The man, who is believed to be in his late 40s, was yesterday killed on the spot by a speeding unknown vehicle which was moving from Mufumbwe to Solwezi.


Both Mufumbwe District Commissioner (DC) Emmah Mukokwe and Mufumbwe District Police Officer In-Charge Nzubi Lwibo have confirmed the development to ZANIS in separate interviews.


Mrs. Mukokwe and Mr. Lwibo said the incident occurred at 21:00 hours yesterday about 25 kilometers away from Mufumbwe town.


They described the incidence as a hit and run accident by a careless driver who has not yet been identified.


The body of the deceased is currently lying in Mufumbwe district hospital mortuary awaiting burial.


Mrs. Mukokwe regretted the death of the man and said government was concerned about the high number of deaths occurring on the Solwezi-Mufumbwe road.


She disclosed that accidents of that nature could be avoided if motorists avoided over speeding.


She challenged the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to conduct vigorous road inspections and check-ups in order to save lives of pedestrian.