Zambians no longer take HH seriously – Chellah

President Sata’s special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah
President Sata’s special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah

ZAMBIANS no longer take seriously United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema’s daily outrageous statements against Government and President Sata.
President Sata’s special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah said this in Lusaka yesterday in the wake of Mr Hichilema’s allegations that President Sata wants to impose a state of emergency and postpone the 2016 elections.
And Chief Government spokesperson Dr Joseph Katema says Mr Hichilema should be cited for contempt for commenting on matters that are before courts of law.
Mr Hichilema has reportedly alleged that Malawian judge Lovemore Chikopa is still in Zambia.
Mr Chellah said Mr Hichilema’s hostility towards President Sata would not win him the presidential seat he is preoccupied with.
This is according to a news item monitored on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation radio yesterday.
Mr Chellah advised Mr Hichilema not to stir subversive thoughts among unsuspecting citizens.
He advised Mr Hichilema to channel his hatred for President Sata towards addressing the challenges facing the country.
“President Sata wants Mr Hichilema to redefine his politics and help provide solutions to various challenges of the country,” Mr Chellah said.
He has also dismissed claims by the UPND leader that Judge Chikopa is related to President Sata.
He challenged Mr Hichilema to clearly state where in Zambia Judge Chikopa is, as alleged.
Mr Chellah said President Sata is resolute in his pursuit to develop Zambia politically, socially and economically.
He advised Mr Hichilema to guard against issuing disjointed political statements that will only erode his political image.
And Dr Katema says accusations by Mr Hichilema over Judge Chikopa are unfounded.
He said this in a statement released in Lusaka yesterday.
“Mr Hichilema is challenged to have his facts right before issuing statements that are misleading and misguided. Contrary to his allegations, Judge Chikopa is back in his home country Malawi as the tribunal he is supposed to chair is still a subject of legal contentions in the courts of law,” Dr Katema said.
He said Mr Hichilema actually risks being cited for contempt of court by commenting on matters that are before the courts of law.
“This government is a firm believer in the independence of the judiciary and will not allow the likes of Mr Hichilema to interfere with the operations of this important organ of the State for their political expediency,” Dr Katema said.
He advised political parties to choose leaders that have grassroots experience to avoid embarrassment.
“The nation expects national leaders to address them on national issues from a well informed and researched position,” Dr Katema said.