Sata gets more applauds for Kapata elevation

The Zambia Association for Research and Development (ZARD) has joined other Women organizations in the Country in commending Republican President Michael Sata for replacing former Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo with a fellow woman Jean Kapata.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm news Executive Director Priscilla Chileshe says her organization is particularly happy that the Head of State has replaced Ms. Masebo with another woman.

Ms. Chileshe says she is confident that the newly appointed Minister of Tourism will perform her duties to the president’s expectations.

She says it is also imperative that Ms. Kapata avoids what she has term as the patriarchal hand that pushes women out of positions of decision making by making.

The ZARD Executive Director has since urged Ms. Kapata to ensure that she avoids undue pressure from men who would want to push her towards doing things which are detrimental to the appointing authority.