DEC called to sensitise Sikongo residents against drug abuse

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—A traditional leader in Sikongo district has called on the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to conduct sensitization meetings on drug abuse in the district.

Mwangala Sikongo disclosed to ZANIS that there were a lot of assault and murder cases in the area due to substance abuse.

Mr Sikongo stated that some people in the area have no fear of the law such that once under the influence of drugs they have no regard for human life and end up injuring and killing innocent people.

The traditional leader said it is worrying that the youths inclusive of some women, were in the fore-front of wasting their energies in abusing and cultivating intoxicating drugs instead of concentrating on developmental issues in the district.

Induna Sikongo also disclosed that some people have taken advantage of growing cannabis due to high demand to a named country where it is fetching high prices.

He emphasized that there is need for the Drug Enforcement Commission to work hand in hand with village headmen in the area to come up with a solution to address this serious problem.