Multi-talented Jay Jay ready to take the stage


THERE is an announcement of a new voice in the circles of R&B music in Zambia that will not go without noticing, James Mbewe otherwise known as Jay Jay.
Jay Jay, who discovered his singing talent in the year 2003, says he has been building up an image and preparing adequately for the time he will face the anticipated huge fan base.
But this year seems to be the final year of rehearsal for this young man as he has announced his intentions of dropping his debut album by the end of this year; seemingly targeting the festive season.
One attribute that distinguishes this budding R&B star is that apart from his vocal prowess, he is a songwriter – a rare attribute among many music artistes.
“I have always loved singing since my childhood. I have written eight songs. My album is not yet out but I promise to release one by the end of this year.” He says.
This budding R&B singer has taken an appealing form of music that is themed around real life issues though with a danceable background instrumentation.
His strong conviction is that his music will be accepted by everyone regardless the age, language and culture as it addresses important matters of life.
Jay Jay who has already recorded eight songs says he is working with experienced artistes such as T- shean, PJ, Diva, Clay-J as well as John Chiti so as to gain that experience.
Not only is Jay Jay a singer and a song writer but he is a teacher by profession.
He says he respects his career so much that he only goes to the studio during his free time.
He says he draws his inspiration from the likes of Shaggy, Yellow man and MC Wabwino.