Rains submerge houses in Lukulu Distinct

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Rains submerge houses in   Lukulu Distinct

Lukulu, March 25, 2014, ZANIS — Several villages in Lukulu District of Western Province are submerged due to heavy downpour.

The District started experiencing floods few weeks ago following heavy rains that were experienced in the district.

Lukulu District Commissioner Precious Muyenga confirmed the development in an interview in her office today.

Ms.Muyenga named the most affected areas as Lishuwa and Nyati.

She revealed that another village within Lukulu was affected by the heavy rains a situation she described as unfortunate.

The DC said government is ready to help the affected villages by putting up drainages saying permanent solutions will also be done.

In another development the District Commissioner has thanked Government for the ambulance that the district has received.

Ms. Muyenga said the ambulance has come at the right time saying that it will help avert transport problems that most health facilities are facing in the district.

The DC added that patients and expectant mothers travel long distances to access health facilities due to lack of transport to hospitals in the district.

Lukulu District has been operating with one ambulance hence the coming of other ambulance will help the district in transportation of patients to other health institutions.