Govt responds to Chilubi village flood sos

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chilubi island -

Government  has started sending aid to the victims of the over 50 houses which collapsed in Chilubi village of Kaputa district in the northern province.

Northern Province minister Freedom Sikazwe who rushed to Kaputa district after receiving reports of the disaster has directed members of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) – who are also in Kaputa – to immediately begin the distribution of needed foodstuffs and materials to the affected families.

Over 1, 063 individuals have been left homeless by the disaster after their houses were flooded due to heavy rains experienced in the area.

In total, about 150 households have been affected forcing government to provide a classroom block as temporary shelter for the affected families.

Speaking after he toured the collapsed houses, Mr. Sikazwe said was clear that the people of Chilubi village were in dire need of assistance.

‘’As government we have mobilized foodstuffs and tents to assist the families that have been displaced but it is now clear that more help is needed here because even the number of houses that have collapsed might increase, “ said Mr.Sikazwe.

He said 30 tents were initially procured to go towards shelter – but that further assessments have revealed that more than 100 tents were needed to shelter the victims of the flood.

Mr. Sikazwe also appealed to the ministry of health to urgently send their personnel to the area in order to assess the situation.

He said many affected people were facing serious difficulties in accessing clean and safe water adding that the status quo might lead to an outbreak of diarrhea diseases.

‘’What we have seen is that houses have collapsed and some toilets have also submerged with them…we are afraid that this might lead to an outbreak of waterborne diseases because this water is contaminated,’’ he said.

Addressing the affected families, Mr.Sikazwe said government would provide the necessary requirements for the homeless people.

He advised the families to be strong saying that the floods were a disaster which could not have been for-seen or avoided.

Mr. Sikazwe is in Kaputa to check on the extent of the floods and has been accompanied by members of the Disaster Management Committee and other senior government officials in Northern Province.