Govt launches construction of 60 health posts

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Govt launches construction of 60 health posts

Itezhi Tezhi , March 16,2014,ZANIS….Health Deputy minister Chitalu Chilufya  has launched the construction of  60 health posts in central province.

The launch of the construction of 60 health posts was held at Itumbi village in chief Kaingu’s chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi district.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony yesterday, health deputy minister Dr Chilufya Chitalu said the Patriotic Front government was addressing the challenges of inadequate health facilities in the in rural areas.

He said that government is  committed to providing  equitable access to cost effective quality health care services as close to the family  as possible.

“to achieve this government is determined to improve service delivery, health financing, human resource for health information system, essential drugs supplies, vaccines, technologies and government systems and structures” , Dr Chilufya  said.

Dr Chilufya disclosed that central province has a total of 204 health facilities against a population of about 1.5 million people.

“ this points  to inadequate  access to primary health care services among our people in the province and in response to this government  is responding to  this challenge by constructing an additional 60 health posts in central province from the 650 health posts that are being constructed country wide”, Dr Chilufya said.

Dr Chilufya, who practiced medicine at Itezhi Tezhi district, said the level of investment in the healthcare system targeting the primary health care level is unprecedented.

He observed that government has purchased 160 ambulances equipped with basic life-saving equipment to be distributed to all parts of the country.

He explained  that  the health posts which will be constructed out of modern prefabricated materials  will comprise delivery suites, a post natal ward, a screening and treatment room, two bedroomed staff houses, ventilated improved latrines, incinerators, borehole and a hand pump.

Dr Chilufya said the investment was in line with government desire to construct health posts to carter for every 500 households in rural  and 1000 households in urban areas or for every five kilometres.

Dr Chilufya also expressed happiness that 90% of children in central province under the age of one year are fully immunized with significant reduction in preventable outbreaks.

Meanwhile , Central Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta urged the people of Itezhi Tezhi to support the PF government for continued development.

He said that President Michael Sata has a heart for the people in rural areas hence the construction of the health facilities in remote areas.

He also said that the Pf Government was still committed to all the promises it made to the Zambian people including delivering of a people –driven constitution.

And area Member of Parliament Greyford Monde said he was happy that the PF government has invested so much in the development of the district.

He said that he was excited that his acceptance to work with the government is bearing fruit and that people’s lives in the district are improving.

Meanwhile, chief Kaingu said that he was happy to see the launch of the construction of health facilities in his chiefdom.

“ we never thought that at one time we will ever have a health facility constructed here, I never thought it was going to happen in my generation, I thank President Sata and please Dr Chilufya  convey my sincere gratitude to him” , Chief Kaingu said.

The 60 health posts which will be constructed by an  Indian contractor , Jaguar contractors , will be distributed in Itezhi Tezhi (8), Chitambo (2)Serenje(9) Mkushi(5) Luano(1), Kapiri Mposhi (5),  Chibombo(9), Chisamba(3), Mumbwa(5) and Kabwe(11).